Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I'm not going into detail. It was bad enough to have to have lived through it. Suffice it to say it was not the kind of year I had planned. The three high points all involved my close family - and let me tell you they really were fantastically great high points - but they were all over-shadowed by an on-going low that was no-one's fault, totally beyond our control and managed to suck most of the joy out of everything else. Add to that continuing health issues that swallowed up whatever energy I managed to summon plus several deaths and that leaves not much to celebrate. Actually bye-bye 2012. You had your fun with us, now be on your way.

So, looking forward, what would I like to see in 2013? Finally getting to do the travelling I had to cancel because of the endless life suck that was 2012. Fewer health problems - and there is a glimmer of hope on that front. Not building any hopes on it but a glimmer is definitely better than standing in a big black pit with darkness wherever you look. More time with family and friends. Resolution of some other longstanding problems that have been adding their own layer of misery. Time, blessed time, where I can do something more than than just be battered from one crisis to another.

So my one and only New Year's resolution is fairly self evident:  survive. I can do that.

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