Monday, January 07, 2013

The Weird and the Wonderful

So bad morning, builders from hell back at work after the Christmas/ New Year break and Western Power blocking off escape from the house while they drill and saw and generally make a din doing some maintenance on the power poles over the road - and the weather has morphed into tropical heat and humidity so I'm sitting here soaked to the skin. Since, miraculously, the power has not gone off although they said it would, a blog post seems in order but it had better be short, I guess, in case the power does get cut.

So found via The Bloggess two fascinating websites: Abandoned Porn Don't be afraid. This is not "porn" but a series of beautiful photos of abandoned or derelict buildings. Just breathtaking.
Then we have this from National Geographic. A restored time capsule of the house of a French eccentric opened to the public a hundred after the death of its owner. Just wow!

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