Monday, December 31, 2012

Sexual Assault in India

I am so angry at the moment. The death of a young woman following a gang rape in India is so tragic, so unnecessary, I am almost shaking with rage. More than that, I am afraid because I have someone close to me visiting India right now and I truly fear for her safety.

What possesses any man to think he a) has the right to sexually assault someone who was sitting on a bus with her boyfriend and b) to join in with his friends in torturing her, causing her so much damage that she dies?

All I can think of is total disrespect for another human being. I'm not Indian and I live in a country where rape is treated as a serious crime. I'm eternally grateful that I have never experienced such a serious assault - although I, like many other women, have experienced inappropriate sexual behaviour, some of it shockingly invasive and very frghtening - but I do know women who have been raped and how much damage it does. And, scarily, in the news reports from India there has been so much victim shaming going on I feel physically sickened. When women go out to protest peacefully the police response should not be water cannon and truncheons.

As a non-Indian I can't speak first hand about what happens there but this woman has lived there and what she and others have say paints an alarming picture of what is supposed to be a modern, civilised country.

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