Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What was he thinking?

In a televised interview Tony Blair has stated that even if there were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein's Iraq another reason for the invasion would have been found with his support because Saddam Husein was a bad man and deserved to be overthrown.

What was he thinking? Was he thinking at all? Certainly Saddam Hussein was a bad man and was doing terrible things in Iraq but since when has that been a reason for invading another country? On that basis Blair could have ordered the invasion of any of a dozen or more countries with governments bleeding their countries' economies and harming their citizens - and which have been doing this for much longer than Saddam Hussein - but he didn't.

That Mr Blair does not find this even slightly embarrassing is horrifying. He made the decision to commit troops to the invasion of a sovereign nation which posed no direct threat to his own country. Because of that action so many people have died - including Iraqi civilians and British troops - and he doesn't think there was anything wrong with either the decision or how it was made?

I am frankly appalled.

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