Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Change in Travel Rules

According to news reports from July the Australian Federal Government has decided to relax the restrictions on flying with dangerous objects like nail clippers and knitting needles. I'm delighted to hear this being a knitter from way back and also objecting to not being able to clip a damaged nail until I retrieve my luggage. This has always been a patently stupid restriction especially as it also affects those who are just visiting the airport to see travellers off and I'm glad to see it go.

I have a question though - as apparently do all the travellers still being stripped of their nail clippers, knitting needles etc at airports. Why has the ruling not come into immediate effect? Are we supposed to believe that nail clippers - to use one of the more ridiculous items on the list of dangerous objects - are suddenly going to cease to be dangerous in July? Or is it that such items pose some inherent danger? If so what is it? If these items are a public danger we need to know about it before they turn on the general population. Is a whole range of new nail clippers etc being manufactured to protect us? If so what do we do with those items we already have? Are they safe? Do we need an amnesty so we can hand in all our old nail clippers and so on and replace them with the new safe version?

Ridiculous? Of course - but is it any more ridiculous than employing people right now in our airports (who are paid out of our taxes) to confiscate something that a) isn't dangerous in the first place and b) will in July miraculously become safe?


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In today's paper in a letter to the editor someone was bemoaning the fact that people will be able to carry on nail clippers because apparently these are the perfect terrorist weapon! What the...