Thursday, December 03, 2009

So That's Where All My Time Went.

My PC died at the beginning of last week and what with being away and catching up again and life in general I haven't had the time to take it to be fixed - if indeed it can be. I had pretty much everything backed up except some fairly unimportant emails and my Internet bookmarks. Haven't missed the emails at all but the bookmarks are a different thing altogether.

Oh how easy it was to just drop down the list and click on my favourite blogs and websites or to roam through them and just have a look at one I hadn't looked at for a while. Now it involves laptops, Google searches and well, time. So I just go to those of my friends which were also bookmarked on the laptop - and guess what? Instead of spending an hour or more trawling through the list and getting distracted and wandering the Net after I check in on my friends I do some housework (Not too much of that. I find it highly over-valued), do some work in the garden, spend some very overdue time sorting the clutter that has needed attention for mumble mumble (well you don't really need to know that, do you), and writing or other writing related activities. That's right - writing - and amazingly I'm finding I am managing at least another hour a day on top of my usual amount.

This is a message from the Universe I suspect.

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