Friday, May 18, 2007

Of novels and other things

I've enrolled in an on-line Write a Fantasy Novel course run by the talented Tansy Rayner Roberts. The idea was that I'd have at least a faint idea of what I wanted to write about before I started the course. Then life came crashing in and it was the first session and I still hadn't made a decision. The problem wasn't so much that I didn't have ideas, more that I had too many of them and hadn't had time to sift through them. I was told at Clarion South that my two first stories felt like the beginnings of novels and I have a number of other thoughts and beginnings, not to mention the half finished novel that I've always intended to return to so there is quite a lot to select from. This doesn't mean I can decide which one to go with though and that is the problem. Tansy suggested awesomeness is what is needed. Unfortunately they all feel awesome to me. So I now have to make a final decision - soon - or I'll be struggling all through the course. Wish me luck and a few days when I have time to think.