Monday, May 14, 2007

Mouse in the house

At least we think we have one - it may be past tense. Not that I would count on Cadillac's hunting ability. He has been known to corner the odd gecko or skink but I usually get to rescue them then because he doesn't seem to know the next step. I suspect it's his biscuits that are the attraction since it has set up home at the back of the freezer in the laundry where they are kept. When we moved the freezer to clean behind it we found much rodent evidence. No wonder Jaz has been so upset in the night and trying desperately to get under there. This means that on the nights that Virgo declines to have doggy company in her room there are outbursts of barking and scratching until I go and pick Jaz's bed and dump it on the floor beside my bed where she happily snores until Cadillac decides he'd like to sleep there instead and abandons my feet to roust her out. Jaz then comes around to me and starts pawing until I wake up and remove him so she can go back to sleep. Last night he did this three times. Grrrr. If he's not careful it'll be the laundry for him on a permanent basis .

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