Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm not fond of visiting hospitals. It's probably due to spending more time than I like in them as a patient. But at the moment with my mother confined to bed with a cracked femur visiting is what I do. I'm always amazed at the inadequate parking provided for any major hospital whether it is privately or government run although the government institutions are by far the worst. I do understand that there are limits on just how many places are available but I also understand just how valuable visitors are to recovery.
My mother is presently in Royal Perth Hospital, a major teaching and primary care hospital in Perth. Because my father doesn't like to drive in the city (neither do I but that's another issue) I have been driving him to the hospital and parking is always stretched. This is despite the fact that there is a train station not far from the hospital and a free bus service from the main city bus station which enables many people to visit the hospital without taking their vehicle. In our case public transport isn't an option so we have to struggle to find a spot close enough for us to be able to walk. We're managing but the State government has decided to build a new hospital in Murdoch to service the south of the city. This is a good idea in itself because there is an obvious need in that area. However when they do this they have decided to close Royal Perth Hospital diverting much of its patient load to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, which is already struggling under its own workload. Is this rational?


Laura E. Goodin said...

Sorry to hear things are so tough. (It hardly makes it easier to hear about our Clarion buddies selling stories left, right, and center, does it? Churlish though that may seem. No, really, I'm genuinely happy when any of us has a success, but at the same time it points out that I haven't. Yet.)

Imagine me said...

I know the feeling, Laura, but at least you've got some work out. I'm having trouble managing anything at the moment. We're facing my mother being placed in a nursing home which is not a pleasant thought and, much as we'd like an alternative, there's seems no other option.