Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas - going, going, gone

Well that was fun. Pity it's all gone for another twelve months. The only shadows were my foster sister's absence (she was in India with her mother visiting relatives but the rest of her family was here) and the shadow left by my mother in law's passing. I'm lucky that both sides of the family get on well. We hear so many terrible tales of Christmas friction we sometimes forget that most of the time most of us get along.
Today at Virgo's urging I set up the laptop, tried to master the digital camera (I thought they were supposed to be simple but so far I have succeeded in taking three photos of my feet and two of my knees) and I'm actually making some steps towards preparing to pack. Because I travelled so much with my work for so many years I find packing less worrying than most people. This doesn't stop me living in fear that I have forgotten something vital so I have a check list that covers all eventualities which I modify according to time and place. This is printed out and ticked off as I go and the same applies when I'm returning home. Besides I'm going to Brisbane not darkest Africa. If I miss something it'll be easily obtained. Might put a strain on the credit card but...
So now I'm off to install a few of the vital programs I can't live without on the laptop.

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