Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Made a Plan

I really shouldn't have. In my defence it was made yesterday so I could have no idea what was going to thwart me at every point. Still...

Famous last words, my friends. I'd had a very disrupted night but I was determined to make some progress on a list that has been growing by the day. I did make a good start. I cut up onions  - a lot of onions - and put them in the slow cooker to do their thing. That's when the wheels fell off my day. Yeah, I know, not the best metaphor but, hey, that's how my day is going.

Then I intended to tackle the housework - even had all the stuff needed lined up - and decided to start by changing the batteries in the indoor and outdoor wireless thermometer which I noticed had gone flat. If you're wondering why we need a thermometer that gives the indoor and outdoor temperatures it's because some folk around here are fond of opening doors 'to let some air in' at the height of the summer and wouldn't believe me when I said if it was hotter outside that was also letting the heat in the house. Now he can't argue about it and our very well insulated house can stay cool, something that really matters when the external temperature is hovering just below 40°C.

I put the new batteries in and the thermometer screen only shows the clock and the indoor temperature. Dammit! Now where is the instruction manual so I can troubleshoot? Should be in the file where such things are kept, shouldn't it. Pisces, trying to help, gets out the file - somehow managing to spill most of the contents in a tangled mess. So that means re-sorting the lot - and there is a lot, much of which was out of date and is now dumped in the recycling bin. No sign yet of the manual and I've spent the best part of an hour restoring order to this pile of paper.

So I decide to take to the internet. They have manuals on there, don't they. Hmm they do but not this one and in the process I have now gained a bad case of weather station envy. There are so many of these wonderful devices that measure not only temperature but humidity, rainfall and barometric pressure. Some probably tap dance they're so exotic. Okay while this is all well and good I still haven't found the manual. It's now after midday and so my morning's down the gurgler.

I give up and pick everything up intending to come back to it some other time - and the stupid thing is working.

So that's my day so far and now it's bucketing down. Everything crossed that the leaks we had repaired few days ago have finally been beaten because enough is enough, universe.

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