Friday, October 20, 2017

Spring Time

We might be in the middle of Spring at the moment - and Spring weather is as unpredictable here as anywhere else - but it's getting downright confusing with night time temperatures ranging from as low as 8-10°C then up to 17°C the next night then being followed by daytime maxima which can be as low as 20° C one day or into in the low thirties the next. I've been wanting to wash my winter clothes ready to put away but no sooner do I decide that it would be a good day to tackle it than the rain sets in and temperatures plummet again.

Ah well, it's not going to matter in the grand scheme of things I guess but it's meant the wardrobe purge I wanted to start has been on hold for a few weeks. It's hot already today, though, and I'm home alone - Pisces is in hospital for a minor procedure - so I think it's time I overcame my inertia and at least begin sorting. I mightn't be able to get everything organised but I can make a start. Actually I already have and the clothesline is full of things that I can do without even if the temperature drops dramatically again.

I confess to finding it difficult to part with things sometimes - and that would be clothes I'm talking about although Pisces might think books are more of a problem although they don't count, do they. In particular I'm thinking about those items of clothing that haven't been worn for a year or so but which are still too good to end up in the rubbish or recycling but are too far gone to be suitable to send to the charity shop and, which if I'm honest, I know I'll probably never wear again. It goes against the grain to throw them in the rubbish bin so there they sit taking up space in my cupboards and my life. I'm going to have to make some hard decisions and do what I tell the resident hoarder to do. Which is? Be ruthless. If it hasn't been worn in a year - unless it's a special purpose outfit that gets used infrequently, it's wearing out or no longer fits send it off to a new home or dump it.

It's easier said than done, of course, but I have no desire to live in a house that is slowly filling up with unused clutter so I will get on with it. Wish me luck.

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