Monday, October 23, 2017

Bits and Bobs

I was really struggling this morning - the world is a pretty awful place at the moment with a succession of natural disasters causing so much suffering in many places and, even worse than that, there are so many people displaced by war or suffering at the hands of their fellow humans - so I was tempted to have a bit of a whinge about how terrible everything is.

But then several things turned up from various sources that gave me joy and I realised that for all the war mongering and humanity's inability to treat the desperate with kindness there is still good in the world.

Here are some tired American Samoan firefighters singing as they come to the end of their shift. It's a beautiful a cappella rendition of a hymn but I don't think you need to be affiliated to any religion to appreciate this.

Then there's this video of Migaloo, one of only a handful of white humpback whales and for many years believed to be the only one in existence. Migaloo migrates along the east coast of Australia every year and you can find out more here. Let's hope the laws enacted every year to protect him and any other white whales in Australian waters will be enough for him to enjoy a long and happy life.

Now for something more along the lines of 'how on earth do they do that' with the Russian Berezka dance troupe performing one of their famous 'floating' dances. I for one am more than happy not pry and just enjoy the illusion but I can see why people are fascinated and want to know the secret.


Jo said...

Late at night and as Matt is in bed don't want to turn on videos so will come back tomorrow. Particularly like the sound of Migaloo. I do hope he has found some friends, preferably of the opposite sex too.

I know what you mean about the world going to hell in a handbasket, but as you say, these is some good stuff happening too.

Helen V. said...

I hope you enjoy them, Jo.