Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No, I Am Not Having Fun

As you will have gathered from the title things have been far from fun around here at the moment. Why, you may ask - or not but I'll tell you anyway.

First the better part is that I've been looking for a dog for a while now and currently we have a little rescue on trial. She's a sweet little thing and has totally won Pisces' heart - I'm trying to retain some objectivity but it's hard. There are a few issues that are making me think she may not be ideal for us but we'll see. In the meantime it's nice to have a dog around again.

So, while the natural world was going fairly well, the technological one wasn't. First of all my email stopped working. I thought initially that it was the program that was at fault - it's old and no longer supported Microsoft and I was in the process of switching from it anyway so that wouldn't have been a surprise - so I changed completely to the new one. Nope, still not working. Hmm. Then I started getting messages that made me think it might be my ISP. So I tried to access my mail on the web. Nothing. Obviously I needed to talk to my ISP provider and, since I've been caught that way before, I realised that I needed to set aside a slab of time which meant the next morning.

In the meantime other things started going wrong when without warning I got a severe pain in one of my legs, coming I thought from my hip. This was scary because within a matter of hours I couldn't put any weight on my leg and it's the hip where I have some torn tendons which I've been managing for several years in an attempt to avoid some fairly controversial surgery.

This is not a good thing. It's especially not a good thing when you're 1) babysitting with a little baby and 2) when you are supposed to be working out if you and a small dog can work together. I was able - just barely - to keep moving until Virgo came home and I could hand the small person over to her then I hobbled ever more slowly home with a walk that usually takes me about three minutes taking me nearer ten. Pisces took one look at me and insisted that I make an appointment with the physio.

Two days on I'm still hobbling but after a session with the physio the news isn't as bad as it first seemed. It's not the tendons causing the problem - phew - but, she thinks, localised inflammation which should resolve itself in a few days if I use a walking stick and rest it along all the usual physio stuff like hot packs and anti-inflammatory gels.

This, at least, meant, since I wasn't going anywhere, that I had plenty of time to tackle the email problem. I was right about it taking a long time. It took 2 ½ hours and two different technicians to resolve it. The old program isn't working but I'm not too concerned about that since I can still read any old emails.

So all my tech problems are resolved. Right? Ah no. Today I found myself locked out of my Google account. Fortunately that was quicker and easier to fix even if I couldn't remember what I'd changed my password to about a month ago. Lucky I had the email account working so they could sort out my password for me, though, or I would still have been in a mess.

All of which makes me wonder what today will bring. But bad luck comes in threes, doesn't it, which should mean things will improve. Right?  Right?


Jo said...

I sympathise. Things always happen at once and unexplained pains are a 'pain' to deal with.

Lucky you to be contemplating having a dog. Wish we could. Couldn't walk it though.

Helen V. said...

I don't do well without animals around me, Jo, so it's just been a matter of time before we started looking for a new dog after my last little one passed away.