Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jaffa Racing

I just had to put up a link to the Dunedin Jaffa Race. For the past fifteen years this New Zealand city has held a Jaffa Race to raise money for charity. In case you don't come from Australia and New Zealand, Jaffas are an Australian registered trademark for little, delicious sweet balls with a chocolate centre and a hard, orange flavoured candy outer coating which is usually an orange/red colour if my memory serves me. The name apparently derives from Jaffa oranges. Not sure I actually see that connection but there you go.

So what happens? Well, as part of the Dunedin Chocolate Carnival, in each of the three races 25,000 Jaffas are released at the top of Baldwin Street, Dunedin, which is claimed to be the steepest street in New Zealand and reputedly the world. They rush down the street at approximately 100 kmh and then, via some process that still confuses me, the holders of the winning Jaffa tickets receive prizes.

It's obviously great entertainment for a good cause and you can watch it here.

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