Friday, April 29, 2016

A-Z Blog Challenge: Y is for Yummy

And it really was. Lunch today was a family favourite known to us as guacamole spaghetti which came about many years ago one day when we were hungry and the larder was looking a little bare. We wanted something fast and sandwiches - the only other option - did not appeal.

All I had was a large avocado, some very ripe tomatoes, some lemons and, when I checked the fridge, I found some pine nuts. What to do? Inspiration struck and I put some spaghetti on to cook while I peeled and cut the avocado into bite size pieces. Then I seeded and cut up a couple of tomatoes into chunks and tossed them and the avocado in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, added a little salt and some freshly ground black pepper and left them to marinate. I toasted a handful of pine nuts lightly in a dry pan until they started to colour and left them to cool. By then the spaghetti was ready to drain. I added the avocado tomato mix and the pine nuts to the spaghetti, stirred them through gently and we were ready to eat.

Since then I've tried substituting lime juice - yum - and other nuts instead of the pine nuts. You have to be careful not to use too many strong flavoured ones, though. I've used just about every kind of pasta you can think of and we've even had it cold - and it's still good but you do need to make sure everything is well coated in the dressing or the avocado will discolour. Sometimes I've added grated Parmesan cheese but for me that takes away from the fresh flavour although others in the family like it so I leave it for them to sprinkle over once it's served. You can add any herbs you like as well - I'm fond of basil, coriander or Italian parsley - but be careful not to be too heavy handed because the flavours are subtle and it's easy to overwhelm them. In my opinion, less is the best way and tasting as you go is critical.

We love it and I'm sorry there are no measurements but it's one of those throw it together, taste and adjust according to what you have kind of recipes.


Jo said...

Not a combination I would ever have thought of Helen but it does sound good. I will have to try it although not sure Matt would enjoy it. He is not a devotee of avocado.

Helen V. said...

It was very much a case of what I had at the time, Jo, but it turned out well.