Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Mystery

I woke this morning just after sunrise to a cacophony of bird calls from the park we back on to. There were the easily recognised - the chuck-chuck of the red wattle birds, resident willy wagtail furiously jitty-jittying ( he reminds me of the old cartoon characters that were prepared take on someone or something vastly bigger because nothing fazes this little fellow, he'll attack anything he sees as a threat), the pink and grey galahs screeching, rainbow lorikeets shrilling alarms - and many not so easily recognised whistles, trills and chirps. One thing was certain was they were all very upset. Surprisingly the only bird calls missing were the magpies and ravens, who are the ones usually at the forefront of any disturbance.

This went on for some half an hour and then, apart from the irate willy wagtail who was still venting his anger on the back fence, the noise muted to the normal sounds of birds going about their daily business. Obviously there had been some kind of threat but what it was I have no idea. An hour or so later and the magpies were having their usual morning skirmish with the ravens so why they hadn't both been involved when the smaller birds were so distressed remains a mystery, too.

I went to the park later to see if I could see anything amiss but it was calm and peaceful, with not so much as a leaf out of place. Strange. 


Jo said...

Maybe a fox - do you have them? Or a hunting bird flying overhead. When anyone mentions Galahs I immediately think of the movie The Dish. First time I ever heard of them.

Helen V. said...

There are almost certainly foxes in the bushland around us, Jo. They bait regularly but new ones move in. I'm more inclined to think it was some kind of raptor. I think there are swamp harriers resident at the nearby wetlands and that's only a short flight. The oddity is that the ravens and magpies didn't join in because they are usually very protective of their territories.