Sunday, March 09, 2014

Autumn - At Very Long Last

Officially Autumn starts on March 1. Unfortunately the weather doesn't understand this so, until yesterday when it dipped to a comfortable 25.7 C, we'd been having temperatures ranging from the low to high thirties with three days of over 37 C since the beginning of the month. The Bureau of Meteorology website here has the details.

It all gets a bit tiring when it has gone on for months and months like it has this year. We're used to hot summers here but this has been particularly bad. What's really weird is that apparently there are folk out there who keep contacting the BOM complaining because they think that the figures have been fudged in some way to support the hypothesis of climate change. I'm not sure how they think measuring the day to day temperature does this because climate change isn't measured on daily variations in temperature and besides the BOM is upfront about where their measuring sites are located and how long they've been there.

I'm starting to think it's something similar to "going troppo" or "mango madness" where people start to act strangely in hot weather only we just get the heat and no clouds.


Graham Clements said...

I think the people of Wangaratta are getting an idea of how hot it is to live in Perth. We had a record 13 days over 40 degrees this summer. Today it was 31 again - and I had to go up onto the roof in the middle of the heat to fix the airconditioner. But 31 is nice these days.

Helen V. said...

You have my sympathy, Graham. Our airconditioner decided to stop working in the middle of one searing period of nearly a week around 39-40 C. Not fun.

Helen V. said...
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