Saturday, February 08, 2014

Scaredy Cat?

So suddenly Angus, the neurotic scaredy cat, is becoming bolder. This is not a good thing because he's decided that going outside is mighty tempting. The first time - a few nights ago - he strolled outside, realised what he'd done and froze in panic so I was able to pick him up and bring him back in. Last night was scarier - for me, not him - because he had things he wanted to investigate and kept moving. Fortunately nothing spooked him and I was able to follow and scoop him up when he stopped to smell something. 

The thing is - apart from the illegality of letting a cat roam at night - he is still very nervous underneath the bravado. A knock at the door sends him to hide under the bed from which he doesn't emerge for hours so any sudden noise is likely to send him running in panic and there are lots of dangers out there for a cat that has spent his entire, pampered life inside.

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