Sunday, August 11, 2013

Resurfacing - Temporarily At Least

It's been a pretty rotten winter as far as health has been concerned so far. Pisces and I have both been sick, not always at the same time although we did manage two weeks together when we were both very sorry for ourselves. A few weeks ago I thought we had seemed to have turned the corner now, at least as far as seasonal viruses are concerned but no. If there's something around to catch I have managed to catch it. When you factor in my long-running - and yet to be found a solution to -  ailments, it hasn't been much fun at all. With luck we will be spared the 'flu having both had our 'flu shots but with the possibility of multiple surgeries still hanging over my head - when and how I have no idea as yet given there are more specialists to be consulted - I hope you'll forgive me if I sound a little pessimistic at times.

It's not only health issues. In the last week we've discovered a massive leak in the garage which in itself wouldn't matter all that much except that it's where we have stored a large amount our household stuff in preparation for the new floors being laid and it's going to have to slowly fester away until the weather clears.

In the spirit of the way life is around here just now I give you this link. Thanks, Annalou, for reminding me about it.


Satima Flavell said...

That was a very popular song on our local radio station when I was a kid. Nice to hear it again - but I hope you're not having to live it word for word!

Helen V. said...

Well,at least I haven't got dandruff yet.