Monday, August 05, 2013

AWWC 2013: Reunion by Joanna Fay

Reunion, the sequel to Daughter of Hope, the first book in the Siaris quartet, continues the wide-ranging story of the magical world of Siaris. Despite its beauty and the Immortal Guardians who spend their lives protecting it, evil continually battles for control and it's not only the Morraeth the Guardians have to worry about. Cultural differences are causing growing rifts between them and the others they care for.

In Reunion, we learn more about the world of Siaris and the sprawling and fascinating stories of its inhabitants. Clever, multi-layered world building draws us into the complexity of life on the planet and the lives of all those who live there. There is magic but it is not always the best or even the only option. Vividly drawn, rounded characters make their own choices, whether for good or ill, for reasons that are entirely believable. Added to this, the author's use of language is beautiful and evocative with a lyrical rhythm that I found a joy to read.

This is rich fantasy but don't mistake that for soft. The author's eye for realistic detail lifts it above most similar works. I recommend it highly and am waiting impatiently for Book Three in the series.

Reunion was published by Urania, the fantasy imprint of Musa Publishing, in February, 2013 and is available as an e-book from and the publisher.

Joanna Fay blogs at her website here.

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