Monday, August 20, 2012

Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier

I'm a great fan of Juliet Marillier's writing. She has never disappointed me so I've been hanging out for this book. Last week I got it in my hot little hands. Actually they were cold since it's winter but sometimes a cliche is fun.

But back to Shadowfell. I had read some very positive reviews which made me even more enthusiastic. So I struggled up to my local Dymocks book store at about 5:30 last Thursday afternoon - walking is something of a problem at the moment but let's not go into that - and found it among the new releases. I started reading in the car while waiting for Pisces, continued on through dinner and until midnight (when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer) and finished it during breakfast. It was that good.

In a world where magic and any contact with the Good Folk is banned fifteen year old Neryn with her ability to see the Good Folk is in continual danger. Trust is just as dangerous and, as she travels to try to find a sanctuary she only knows from rumour, she finds herself having to make hard decisions. Along the way she meets Flint, a mysterious young man. Not sure whether he is to be trusted, Neryn travels with him but nothing is ever as it seems in this land as she soon discovers.

Neryn  is a well-rounded, believable character and those she meets along the way such as the mysterious Flint and the Good Folk like Sage are just as well-drawn. Shadowfell - what a great title - is being marketed as Young Adult but it is certainly very readable for any lover of fantasy. The best part is that there is a sequel underway and I, for one, can hardly wait to find out what happens next.

 As you can no doubt guess, I recommend this book highly.

Juliet Marillier's website is here.

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