Friday, August 31, 2012

Mr Frog Went A-courting

I've talked before about the different frogs that live in our garden. While we sometimes see them sunning themselves by the pond we mostly become aware of them when they start wooing. This usually begins in the early evening in spring and summer. Eventually we end up with the ponds full of wriggling black tadpoles that gradually turn into adult frogs. Where most of them end up from there I don't know. They must move on because the actual number of resident frogs seems to stay the same.

Well that's how it normally goes but this year things are different. We have one very confused or  lovelorn - or maybe both - froggie making his presence felt. For the last two weeks all day - but not at night when you'd expect it -  he has been borrrupping away very loudly. I don't know quite what he expects to happen. At  this time of the year all sensible lady frogs spend their days tucked up in their burrows or under a lily pad. They're getting their beauty sleep, ready for when the boys break out in song and entice them to mate in a few weeks time. I wish him luck. I think he needs it.

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