Sunday, April 08, 2012

Swanconning Again

Day three - for me at least, others may have been there on Thursday evening - and I'm still having fun but starting to run down just a bit.

So I was there in time to have a coffee with friends. Are you noticing a theme here? You should be. my caffeine intake at events like this is ludicrously high. This is because any time someone says, 'Do you want to have coffee?' my immediate response is, 'What a good idea.'

I was on a panel - sadly my name didn't get into the program in time which left me feeling a bit like a fraud although I did check on the first day and was told to just turn up. Serves me right for not volunteering earlier - but I'm glad I did get a chance to participate. The other panelists were industry professionals - publishers and editors - and I am definitely not (I'm still trying to sell my first novel) but I think it was a good thing to have someone who is going through the process as opposed to having only those on the other side.

There were other panels, of course, and I'm still spitting that I just missed out on a stunning portrait in the art auction. Ah well, I hope it went to a good home. Not that anyone could have loved it as much as I did. I drowned my sorrows by buying some more books. I'm trying to feel guilty about it but ... nah.

So now I'm home, hoping to recoup a bit of energy for the final day. I can do that.

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