Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swancon Final

It has been a good weekend, hasn't it. Lots of interesting panels and a chance to sit and chat and drink - well, you can guess what and somehow today I seem to have consumed more of c..... (Don't judge me. If I don't put the word in it doesn't count. Okay.) than ever before this weekend.

The standout panel for me today was the one on Post Apocalyptic World Building. When you put Sue Isles, Marianne de Pierres and Brandon Sanderson together to discuss a subject like this you have something worth listening. Fascinating stuff.

Sadly, the migraine that set in about midday made the rest of today a bit lacklustre despite the copious amounts of caffeine which often helps but didn't this time.

So now I'm home with a pile of books to read (There may be a dozen but who's counting. I may even do some reviews some time.) and, having abused my body by sitting far too long too often over the weekend, a bad case of sciatica and low back pain. I'm now heading off to bed to recuperate for the next few days. It's infuriating but that's the price I have to pay for a great weekend. Still the alternative is to give up socialising altogether and that is an even worse option. It's been bad enough being unable to drive for the last six months. That's made me feel like a prisoner and is doing nothing for my temper as Pisces could tell you.

Thanks to my trusty laptop I will at least be able to catch up a bit on what has been happening over the weekend in the real world - the one where science fiction and fantasy are not the major driving forces of existence.

Note: Having now watched the news with its multiple disasters and tragedies, I want to be back in the Swancon world where at least all the tragedies are fictional.

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