Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last night the cat decided that I needed a change and converted my desk top image from the one that came with the computer to a blurry black ace of clubs on a white background. I hated it. Not that I was all that enamoured of the one I had - it's apparently called Leopard aurora - because it contains a lot of purplish pinks which I actually don't like but leaving it took no thought or effort so there it stayed. I've had this computer for 18 months and it has all my own photos as well as the wallpaper photos from my previous one on it - and I haven't been inclined to summon up the energy or spare the time to put an image I like on something I look at every day.

I have now.

My current image is this photo I took of some of my zygocactus in full bloom in 2008.

A photo as small as this doesn't do justice to these glorious blooms, each of which is bigger than my hand, but on a large computer screen they are nearly life size and breath-takingly beautiful.

So why was this simple step just too much effort for such a long time? Well, as always, there are multiple reasons - and while they are all genuine, really it amounts to just procrastinating. It took me all of ten minutes to play around with a range of photos and try them out and even with all the demands on my time I could have done that long ago. Realising this, I've been spurred into exploration of other possibilities in many areas of my life. On this computer alone there are at least four applications I've never investigated. Maybe I won't find them useful but at least I'll know the possibilities. Who knows what new things I'll find out.


Satima Flavell said...

What a lovely pic, Helen! I've only seen Zygocactus in bloom once or twice, so am seriously jealous that You've actually got one growing and got it to flower! Now it's on your desktop you can enjoy it even when it's not flowering!

Helen V. said...

They are extraordinary plants. I've got about a dozen but not all doing as well as these, I'm afraid, in this heat. They may be succulents and in the shade but even they have difficulty coping when we have such a long hot spell.