Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Case You Thought I Was Exaggerating

After a week when most temperatures were on the high side of the mid thirties Celsius (except for one that dipped just below 30℃) - about what we expect this time of year - we have been hit today by 38.2. For the rest of the week things are getting even hotter it seems. The forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for tomorrow (Wednesday) is minimum 24 maximum 40, Thursday min 26 max 41, Friday min 25 max 39, Saturday min 26 max 42, Sunday min 24 max 40, Monday min 23 max 40 Tuesday min 24 max 40.

Temperatures always peak in the first and second weeks of February so I'm guessing there is more of the same - or worse - coming. Look out South Australia. It's coming your way soon.


Helen V. said...

Since I wrote this post the I have found out the temperature actually went higher.

Helen V. said...
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