Saturday, October 02, 2010

Of Dentists

I had to go to the dentist yesterday to have an old crown removed and the prep for its replacement done. I've got so many crowns now this didn't faze me at all. With my mouth suitably numbed the dentist proceeded to section the crown and remove it. The first part came away easily but the second wouldn't move and he had to use some force to dislodge it. When it came free the remaining section came with it and shot deep into the back of my throat. Scared to speak in case it slid into my trachea I sat up coughing furiously while the dentist, assuming I was just having a coughing fit - we'd been talking about our mutual suffering with hay fever before - tried to get me to have a drink of water. I could feel the edge grazing my throat and epiglottis - and this was not reassuring. I tried rinsing but the fluid didn't reach that far back. Leaning forward I kept coughing and at last the piece of crown dislodged and landed in my hand. I still have a scratched throat but otherwise all is well.

The reason I tell you this is not because I want to share my fright, unpleasant though it was. It was that the experience brought home to me something which I think we all need to think about. We are all at risk of a freak accident at any time but we go on as if we will live forever. A gust of wind could shove us on to the road. A car tyre could blow. A branch could fall from a tree. It's not that I spend all my time worrying about these unlikely events anymore than anyone else but last year when there were so many deaths happening around me I decided to try live my life in a way that I wouldn't put off until tomorrow anything I could do now. It started well enough then illness (mine, then Pisces and other family members) drained my energy and enthusiasm and it just got too hard.

Yesterday's incident wasn't serious as it happened but it had the potential to be. It reminded me of my resolution. I may not be going bungee jumping or sky diving but I intend to put a reminder up on my notice board and try every day to extend my boundaries. There's a lot to experience and enjoy out there. I'm going to do just that.

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