Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award

Tasmanian writer Tansy Rayner Roberts has won the 2010 Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Siren Beat, a novella published by Western Australian small press Twelfth Planet Press and edited by Alisa Krasnostein.

Twelfth Planet Press has shown it is willing to push some boundaries lately. As an independent small press it is able to tackle the kind of fiction that is not so appealing to the larger publishers. Recent publications include anthologies, collections and novellas. Siren Beat is one of the novellas in the Doubles series where it was partnered by Roadkill by Robert Shearman). Books from this press are sometimes controversial but they are always quality. There is a pile of them sitting on my bookshelf now among my Aussiecon 4 buys.


Rosanne Dingli said...

I am looking Tansy R Roberts and Twelfth Planet right now. I am always interested in publishing news, whether or not it concerns my genre.

Helen V. said...

I always like to hear about good to hear about other author's successes. I've just been reading Tansy's Power and Majesty, Book One of her Creature Court trilogy and enjoyed that too.