Monday, August 23, 2010

Worldcon Here I Come

I'm even on two panels. See.

Thurs 1500 Rm 216: Spoiler alert: reviewing plot-driven fiction without
giving the story away. Ian Mond, Helen Venn, Jenny Blackford, Crisetta MacLeod

Thu 1600 Rm 213: Motherhood in science fiction and fantasy. Helen Merrick, Helen Venn, Marianne de Pierres, Tansy Rayner Roberts

Do bear in mind that details may change so, if you're coming, check on the actual program at the con.


Satima Flavell said...

Getting exciting now, isn't it?

Imagine me said...

It is. It is indeed.

Rosanne Dingli said...

Wow - busy, busy, busy - I don't know much about all this, so I'm clicking on the link. Thanks for the information!

Imagine me said...

There certainly is a lot going on, Rosanne, and I'll have limited internet access for the next few weeks while I'm travelling but I'll be blogging about it when I get back.