Friday, August 06, 2010

The Builders Are In

No, work has not stared on our long delayed renovations. These builders are an industrious pair of turtledoves which after much discussion and many site inspections have decided the top of the clothesline on the verandah is the place for them. After last year's disaster when a nest was blown down in strong winds, we extended the area with a small piece of wood and it seems to have met with their approval. They are both slower and much noisier than last year's pair. They finally started construction four days ago but have so far only managed to put some of the anchors in place. The trouble is that they have to talk over every step and at the rate they are progressing she'll be ready to lay before the nest is complete. Oh well at least the cat is being entertained. He's an indoor cat so there's no opportunity for him to do any damage but he divides his time between my study window sill and the family room door watching every move.


Satima Flavell said...

TV for cats! And people too, I'd imagine. Itmust be a temptation to sit and watch the builders rather than writing or houswork!

Imagine me said...

They are very distracting- but in a good way.