Monday, April 05, 2010

Swancon 2010

It was a great weekend. I've heard suggestions that having Swancon as a four day con over Easter is too long but having attended both three and four day cons I can't see this is true. I'm bushed now but I have been equally exhausted after three day cons.

As far as Swancon itself went, the guests were generous with their time and knowledge and the panels ranged over a wide variety of topics. It was an opportunity to learn, to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. Even a fall on Saturday night that left me with a swollen and extremely painful hand and wrist didn't spoil the experience - although not being able to drive and having to hire cabs as a result did put a crimp in my book buying budget.

My only cause for dissatisfaction - and it was a minor one - was that the academic stream of previous years was not run.

I congratulate the organisers on a well run con. I really enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to the next already - and in the meantime there's Aussiecon 4 only five months off.

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