Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laptop Hunting

Although I'm typing on it now this beastie is seriously ill. I could list what ails it but it would take much too long and, besides, it's too depressing. While all my work is backed up it's a pain to have to keep on saving things on to a thumb drive every few minutes because slabs of writing can vanish in an instant.

I'm not enjoying the process of trawling through umpteen laptop advertisements where everyone seems to be trying to convince me to buy the latest, shiniest, most powerful laptop on the market. That's not what I'm looking for. I am trying to convince myself that as a writer my laptop is a work tool and only that. I absolutely do not need all those lovely, seductive things - like games and movies - clamouring for my attention when I should be working. What I need is at 4 GB of RAM, a processor that works efficiently and quickly, access to the internet - for research, people, for research - a screen around 15" and a full size keyboard ideally with a battery that actually delivers what it promises and weighs very little. Yes they are out there but oh, it's so hard to decide. Shiny is so enticing - and there is much shiny and pretty to distract me.

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