Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Happens

A lot has happened in our lives over the last month including several funerals. Pisces came home from the third in less than two weeks and said "I'm all funeralled out." I know what he means. It has been very sad even though none of the deaths were unexpected.
But life goes on and while all this has been happening I've been working steadily away at Tom Collins House Writers' Centre. I'm very happy with the amount of work I've done - much better than I would have expected considering the external stresses and interruptions. The sequel to my first novel has reached the 45,000 word mark and I've also done some serious editing and rewriting of other work. All well and good you might say but it has brought home to me that trying to work full-time at home is not so easy unless you can go off somewhere that normal life can't invade. I am deeply envious of those writers who have a sanctum away from the house.

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