Monday, May 04, 2009

Day One at TCH

I arrived at 9:05 am and left at 4:45 pm and I was so involved I kept on while I was eating my lunch.

It truly is amazing how much you can do if you have no interruptions. Today I finished - at least to first draft stage - the first chapter of my current novel. I'm not sure what it will be called yet so as a working title let's go with MotS which is a combination of the initials of the original idea. I have already written around a third of MotS but although I knew what I wanted to say somehow the beginning had eluded me. Then a few days ago when I opened up the scrappy bits that constituted the file I saw how I could make them work together - and it did. I'd made a start on some of the plotting and structural planning over the weekend too so I had something to work with which helped.

I also managed to track down another story which I had researched and half written last year and then had managed to misplace the file on the computer. That's been bugging me for such a long time - and now I can get it finished.

So a productive day and I'm feeling industrious - and extremely tired although that is not the fault of the day's work. Darned TV last night. Just wouldn't turn itself off.


Satima Flavell said...

I hope the rest of your time at TCH is as productive, Helen. Well done. Aprt from the television, of course. You need one that will only let you look at the news and then turns itself off.

Imagine me said...

Yes, someone should invent that.