Saturday, January 03, 2009

In Case You're Wondering...

The paucity of blogging has been due not to Christmas/New Year frivolity but to illness. Early in December Pisces brought home - and generously shared - a flu-like bug which he got over in about a week while I'm still collapsing into bed around lunchtime although my ability to concentrate has returned.

So, a little late, here is my review of 2008. It was a very mixed year in many areas, full of change. There have been worries and failures, joys and achievements. Here are a few of the highlights and low lights.

My novel is ready to send out. And do I hear "about time"?

We have finally been able to move along with the renovations. Lots more to do but we are actually getting somewhere after endless delays.

I have been a panelist at two conventions - and enjoyed it.

Virgo moved out. I miss her heaps but this is the natural order of things and as long as she is happy so am I.

I have taught a few writing workshops - which reminded me how much I enjoy teaching and I'm looking forward to doing more this year.

We have taken active steps towards greening our household - signing up for solar PV panels, a solar hot water system and a rainwater tank with more in the pipeline. This is something I've wanted to do for years but couldn't afford until now.

I was co-convener of the KSP Mini con. Time consuming but worth it.

There have been health issues ranging from my mother breaking a femur, Virgo having appendicitis and both Pisces and I having our own problems. Not all resolved yet but nothing life threatening.

Cadillac, my cat of many years, passed away. I miss him so much.

I will be a Writer in Residence at Tom Collins House in 2009. Yay!

Angus, the deeply traumatised rescued kitten who came to live with us five months ago, has slowly become a happy, loving little cat - and that's something I'm truly pleased to have achieved.

Finally, but not least, I have kept up this blog - and I am delighted to see how many of you visit. Thank you for dropping by.


Laura E. Goodin said...

Whew -- glad you're back! Sounds like you have more than a few adventures cued up for 2009 already....

Word verification: aumedu. An obscure Mayan deity?

-- Laura

Imagine me said...

Hi Laura,
Nice to hear from you. "aumedu" Definitely means something. We just have to invent it.