Thursday, December 11, 2008

A meme.

Smurched from Battblush's LJ. I'm not given to doing memes but this one took my fancy.

Take the first sentence from the first blog entry of the month for the past year:

January: The tragic deaths of three West Australian long haul truck drivers has caused an outpouring of grief here.

February: I hate cockroaches.

March: I'm a person, who when building a house thirty years ago, was blocked by government regulations from incorporating a rainwater tank.

April: I have just come in from doing a bit of hand watering.

May: All day the Western ravens have been hunting, swooping and calling from rooftops, lamp posts and trees around the area.

June: Yet another of my fellow Clarionites has a story published.

July: We got our gas and electricity bills this week, the first since Virgo moved out.

August: Jason Fischer, a Clarion South mate, has joined the Daily Cabal, and his flash fiction piece, Sweet Baby Honey, is here.

September: So Vladimir Putin was on hand when a tiger at a rare animal breeding centre "threatened" a group of television journalists.

October: As usual Spring is working its usual magic - make that pain.

November: It's been a while but real life has intervened and as there is nothing to do except keep on keeping on, today we have photos.

December: I've gained an emerging writer in residence place at Tom Collins House Writers Centre in 2009.

Make of that what you will.


Satima Flavell said...

Ups and downs. Par for the course:-)

Imagine me said...

Very true.