Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What an Amazing Series of Coincidences!

So Vladimir Putin was on hand when a tiger at a rare animal breeding centre "threatened" a group of television journalists. The reports say the animal escaped its harness, which implies a relatively safe tiger used to walking on a leash which also implies a fairly docile beast as tigers go. The valiant Vladimir stepped in and shot it with a tranquiliser gun he just happened to be carrying , because of course a high ranking member of the Russian government surrounded by a coterie of armed security and the centre's staff would absolutely need to have his own tranquiliser gun. And by sheer good fortune this all took place in front of a television camera crew so we can see just how heroic the man is.

Just as well it's not fiction because such a series of coincidences would mean no editor would publish it.


David Gerard said...

Putin was showing the effete Westerners the power of Russian manliness. http://notnews.today.com/?p=55

Palin would have shot the tiger with a 12-bore, then ripped out and eaten its still-beating heart with a giggle.

Obama would have smiled a dazzling smile and the tiger would have stopped in its tracks and slunk off slightly ashamed.

Gordon Brown would have tried boring it to death before throwing David Miliband out the Land Rover at it.

Imagine me said...

Hmm. Put that way he doesn't sound much worse than most politicians.

Satima Flavell said...

...although a trifle more inventive:-)