Friday, March 21, 2008


Unfortunately I couldn't get in to last night's opening ceremony but with the hotel accommodation sold out months ago I'm staying at home. This means I have to bring my car or get a lift and neither was an option last night.
Today though I've made my way through panels on Flash Fiction and its place in the pantheon of speculative fiction writing, the Politics of Fandom, Girl Meets Boy: Romance and Fantasy, Guest of honour Ken MacLeod's address and a workshop, From an Idea to a Published Book, with another Guest of Honour, Glenda Larke as well as meeting up with visitors and locals from the speculative fiction writing world. By then I was exhausted but mentally stimulated. It was especially nice to catch up Glenda because we went to university together.
There are so many interesting people and topics, it's hard to decide which panel to go to sometimes and the impromptu KSPSF meeting at lunch time gave us a good opportunity to meet up socially.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow when the academic stream gets under way.


Satima Flavell said...

Oh, what a luverly con! I hope, Helen, that we can do it again next year and have just as much fun. It was great.

Imagine me said...

It was good, wasn't it.