Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

And what a lovely sound it is. I woke up this morning to rain splatting on the roof and it's continued ever since - steady and soaking. This is the gift of Tropical Cyclone Pancho which has become a rain-bearing depression and moved south down the coast. Already the garden looks cleaner and fresher even if the day is rain-drenched grey.
It's chilly too - winter dressing gown chilly. The cat, who has been on a diet for the last five months and is slowly losing the weight he has gained ever since he gave up playing - about four years ago when he put away childish, or in his case, kittenish things - is unimpressed. His very thick, long coat is apparently not enough to keep him as warm as he would like. Jaz is also not happy. When she was offered the chance to go out for her morning toilet break she glanced out the door, looked at me as if I had gone nuts then curled up on the sofa again.
I'm not complaining even though I usually hate grey days. I've work to do so I'm staying put. Words will appear on the page and all will be well.

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