Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rain, Glorious Rain

After a very prolonged hot spell at last we have rain. Rather a lot in fact. We have received our entire summer average in one day. Probably not as impressive as it sounds given how little rain we usually get in summer but I'm not complaining. Any rain is A Good Thing and rain that can fill the wheelbarrow - we had been promised rain every day since last Saturday and we'd given up hope so didn't put it away - is A Very Good Thing.

I'm very glad I finished weeding and mulching and planting. About a week ago I filled the flowerbed outside the family room with petunias, divided and replanted the gerberas, society garlic and a frilly mauve dianthus in the beds next to it and fertilised everything. From looking sad everything is suddenly vividly green and crisp instead of pale and limply gasping for water.

I also installed the solar powered garden lamps Pisces got me before Christmas - and there will be no questions asked about why this took so long or why the terracotta wall clock is still languishing in its box. If anyone is foolhardy enough to ignore me ... the answer is 35 degrees Celsius plus for days. To my surprise the solar lamps have already lit up after a grimly grey day. They cast an eerie bluish light, something like I imagine the light from a blue moon should be.

Outside it is so wonderfully cool. All you can hear is the plop, plop of water dripping. Even the frogs are quiet. Tomorrow night Mr Frog will go a-courting again no doubt but tonight he's home tucked up in bed - which in the case of one adventurous but none too bright fellow is in the top of a tier of hanging baskets among the strawberry plants. How he got there I have no idea and how he thinks he will attract a mate to his eyrie is beyond me.

We are promised more rain for tomorrow. Oh joyous day!


Laura E. Goodin said...

Whereas we have been receiving copious quantities of rain pretty much every day for three weeks. Sigh.

Imagine me said...

Nature likes to play games, I'm afraid. And despite all the rain on the coast the drought still persists inland.