Monday, August 06, 2007

Of TV programmers

Looked in the TV guide this morning. No Torchwood tonight. Checked another guide. Still no Torchwood.
What is it about television programmers? Don't they realise that if we get messed around too much we stop watching their channel. That means we don't see their advertisements either. That means advertisers begin to wonder why they are paying lots of money etc etc etc... I've already lost interest in Medium because of the insertion of repeats and out of sequence episodes by the same channel and Torchwood is still establishing its audience here. Wouldn't it be a good idea to lock us in before you start playing around with it? Just a thought.


Carol Ryles said...

Torchwood has been shifted to Tuesday 12MN. I suppose this means I now have to figure out how to program our new DVD recorder. :( After the first season, it seems there's going to be no new episodes in Aust, which means I'll be looking for season 2 etc on EBay when the time comes.

Imagine me said...

I suppose I should be grateful that I will now have more writing time. I always lose interest when the channels go though their attempts to prolong a series by inserting repeats and as a result the amount of TV I watch is becoming less and less.