Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have actually completed and posted my three homework exercises for this month. This is worth celebrating!

Now I will go and try to sleep off a migraine which has come back with renewed viciousness. Since we are supposed to be going to the movies tonight with friends we meet with regularly once a month - to see As it is in Heaven, a Swedish movie with good reviews - I need to be both pain free and alert. Painkillers will ensure pain free. Alert I'm not so sure about.

This group of friends is something quite unusual I think. Most of us, or our spouses, have known the others since primary school, secondary school or university days plus a few others met along the way since. There are currently eleven couples and two singles. Others have stayed for a while and left over the years but the core has remained. Between us we have accumulated a large number of children and a few grandchildren.

When the children were younger we went away for long weekends as well as socialising and going out together to kid-friendly places. Now we go to theatres, movies, picnics, restaurants and whatever interesting places we can find. Recently we've gone to the Gravity Display Centre in Gingin, the Perth Observatory and on a walk through an historic township among others. We still visit each other's homes and we have been known to party. We're close-knit and support one another much like a family. Virgo was trying to explain the relationship to one of her friends recently and ended up saying, "It's been like growing up with a whole lot of extra aunties and uncles and cousins." And that I think is as good a way as any of describing how we are.


Satima Flavell said...

Could the migraine have anything to do with the late nights and the stress of wanting to get the WIP finished? Anyhow, I hope it's gone now and that you're able to spend as much time as you like in the playroom. And it is a playroom, isn't it? It's where we go, as Robin Hobb puts it, to "play with our imaginary friends on our computers". Should be more of it, if you ask me. If Mr Bush et al had imaginary friends instead of imaginary enemies the world would be a happier place:-)

Imagine me said...

You may well be right, Satima. One of many lessons I learned at Clarion is that deadlines generally are a good thing. This one may be self-imposed but it is something to aim at.

Laura E. Goodin said...

Satima, you're cool. -- Laura

Satima Flavell said...

Hey Laura, you're cool as well. Volunteering with the SES - how cool's that? (Me, I'm a wimp.)

Helen and I have a writing buddy who is a real live firefighter, full time. (Hi Annie) That's cool, too.

(sigh) Back to the imaginary friends in Chapter 12... vicarious excitement for the wimp.