Monday, July 16, 2018

Hello Again World

I have been sick and not just any old sickness, the kind you're over in a few days. No, this was the really, truly flu, much worse than the bad colds that often are claimed to be the flu. It started with a sore throat, progressed to what I thought was just a bad cold the next day - and then it really attacked. High fever, sweats, aching muscles and I was so weak I couldn't stand up without support. That was my life for a full week. I am actually up and walking around again but it's left me so weak that I'm still not able to go back to our regular exercise classes. Next week, I tell myself, next week.

That this all happened during the school holidays was even more frustrating because it's when I usually get to catch up with our granddaughter. The last thing I wanted was to pass it on to her or her parents - or anyone else for that matter so I had to put them off.

But towards the end of last week I thought I was past the infectious stage and so we could have visitors - and very enjoyable that was, too, although I wasn't able to do any of the usual fun stuff. Still I think I've been forgiven to judge by the cuddles I got.

On another topic altogether there's a great idea going around on Facebook whereby people are agreeing to write personal letters and send them through the post. Emails or Facebook messages don't count. The plan is to put an invitation on your Facebook page saying you will write a letter to the first five people who ask for them in the comments and they in turn are to write and send out letters to five more people when they receive yours. I was too unwell to take part when this turned up on my Facebook feed but I think it's such a great idea I intend to try it. Want to join me?

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