Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Things You Don't Expect

to find in the veggie patch in winter.


As you can see a couple of the zucchinis which should have died back quite a while ago have continued to fruit as have the beans. I'm not sure why this is happening given it's been a bit nippy but there you go. I'm not going to a look a gift zucchini or two in the mouth, am I.

Guess what we're having for lunch.


Jo said...

How odd. Zucchini does seem to be very hardy as well as very prolific. They used to say, in North Carolina, never leave your car windows open otherwise you will get it filled with zucchini.

Do you ever let them grow bigger and then stuff and roast them?

Helen V. said...

I can identify with that North Carolina saying. They are very generous plants. I mostly pick them fairly young but in summer, when they are very prolific, I do stuff and roast them. Very tasty they are, too.