Saturday, May 19, 2018

No Smoke Today

so I've been out in the garden - of course. On our way home from the doctor's yesterday - I've just had my annual flu shot - Pisces was persuaded to make a detour to the garden centre so I could invest in a few seedlings. Actually I was in search of some marjoram - one of my absolutely favourite herbs - after mine suddenly turned up its toes and expired. I grow a lot of herbs to use in my cooking and I still have plenty of others to choose from but nothing quite does it for me like marjoram and I've been looking for some for some months. We did a circuit of the herb section and there was no sign of any - lots of different thymes, oregano and mints to name a few but only golden marjoram which tastes quite different from the old fashioned kind.

I was feeling a bit frustrated by then and so I headed to the vegetable seedlings. I'm trying to remember to plant in succession this year, something I tend not to be very good at, so I wanted some more lettuce seedlings - and I might have accidentally on purpose invested in some more onions, dwarf French beans, beetroot and pak choi which are now nicely tucked up in the veggie garden beds. And then it happened. I was wandering along the seedling display picking up this and that and there they were in the middle of the veggies - a couple of containers of marjoram seedlings.Whoopee! One of them is now waiting to be potted up and sent to join the other herb pots in the garden and I can hardly wait until they're big enough to use.


Jo said...

Way to go Helen, firstly I am so glad the smoke has gone. Must be terrible to suffer through. I wonder why they hid the marjoram amongst the veggies. Maybe the assistant didn't know what it was!!

Helen V. said...

It was odd, Jo, but at least I now have it.