Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Fool's Day

I'm not a fan of pranks. In my opinion in general they tend to be cruel and hurtful and I really have no wish to watch someone being embarrassed. With the exception of someone who has behaved badly being caught out and possibly jolted into empathy I don't find another's humiliation in the least funny and the same applies to those so-called funny home videos shows which keep turning up and almost always involve physical injury.

But sometimes a prank is clever and hurts no-one and this video shows one of the best of those. Enjoy.


Jo said...

I remember this and thought it was wonderful. However, it is incredible how many people in Britain actually believed it. The BBC did a few others which were OK, but none as good as the spaghetti harvest.

Hoppy Bunny Day.

Helen V. said...

It was very clever and given it was at a time when very few people travelled outside Britain I guess it seemed possible. You would have thought that all the returning soldiers who had been in Italy during the war might have smelled a rat ,though. Mind you a lot of people do seem to have a problem sorting fact from fiction. You just have to look at the manipulation of the news that is going on these days.