Sunday, January 21, 2018

Good News, Bad News and Some Links Just for Fun

It's no secret that the past eighteen months or so have been a bit of a disaster as far as health is concerned for both me and Pisces, culminating for me in a fracture in my foot a few days before Christmas. I'm sure you don't want to hear about all our trials and tribulations so let me give the good news. This is that, one month in, my foot fracture is starting to heal. The bad news is that it's turning out to be a very slow process and it looks like I'll be stuck in the boot for at least another four weeks. It's a pest and not least because I have limited clothes I can wear that won't catch on the velcro that holds it tightly in position. (I usually wear shorts at home in summer so that's okay but for going out I literally have only one dress I can wear over the boot and jeans or long pants are impossible.)

But I'm not complaining too much, although the boot is heavy and hot and not something you want on during an Australian summer (it reached 35 °C here yesterday and today we expect more of the same), because it does have much in its favour over the old fashioned plaster cast. They were much heavier and didn't allow any air circulation. If any of you have experienced 6-8 weeks in a plaster cast you'll remember the smell once the cast came off and much worse the itch that gradually built up until you'd try anything for relief - even the knitting needle that they told you specifically not to use because of the danger of damaging the skin and causing an infection.

It's frustrating, though, and so I went looking for light relief and found this link to cats riding automatic vacuum cleaners.

Then there were these goats having fun.

And, just because it amused me, here are some wild foxes playing on a trampoline.

I  hope you enjoy them, too.

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