Friday, September 01, 2017


Okay today it's officially Spring - which brings me to quote Shakespeare from As You Like It

'In springtime, the only pretty ring time,
 When birds do sing, hey ding a ding ding;
 Sweet lovers love the spring.'

Well I don't know about all that 'hey ding a ding ding' stuff but for the past three nights starting at about 10:00 PM the park magpies have settled in the tree outside my bedroom window carolling and it's lovely. There isn't a much more glorious sound than a clan of Australian magpies in full voice in my opinion and as far as I'm concerned they are welcome to keep doing it for as long as they want.

This is a pale version of what I've been hearing because there are only three of them but you can perhaps imagine how lovely it is on a night when ten or more are singing in a full moon. This video does not do magpies justice as regards to appearance either as they are soaked and looking seriously bedraggled. Actually they are very handsome birds as you can see here. This fellow is having a lot to say for himself, not only singing but also squawking and chatting unlike my nightly visitors who are simply carolling.


Jo said...

Will have to check it out on my desktop Helen. Couldn't really hear it on my laptop. I thought you were going to complain the kept you up LOL.

Helen V. said...

I hope you can hear it, Jo. I think their song is lovely.

Jo said...

Pity you cant record your own chorus. I can kind of see/hear that it could be good to listen to, but there were a few screeches from the threesome too. Magpies are very attractive birds aren't they.

Helen V. said...

The night songs are the best, Jo, because they don't screech, just warble, often for hours. They are handsome and we're lucky that those living in the park are very tame.