Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Storms Are A-Coming

Well, that's what the forecast says so yesterday I went out to try to get some photos of the Iceland poppies before they are destroyed by the wind and rain. I've planted them in the garden outside the family room where I can see them every time I look out and they are a joy to me and to the bees.

As you can see my plan didn't work very well. The wind kept whipping them around making them either face away from the camera, have their petals blown backwards or simply end up a blur. Given they would certainly be badly damaged if I left them I picked a big bunch and they're now inside where they are much better behaved.

Just to prove that you can sometimes be lucky, though, here's a photo of the first poppy flower we had this year. I took it a couple of days ago. Still not the greatest photo but isn't it a gorgeous colour.


Jo said...

It is a gorgeous colour Helen. I have a friend in the UK who absolutely adores poppies so she too would enjoy the ones in your garden.

Helen V. said...

I've always loved Iceland poppies, Jo, and try to grow them every winter but the plants aren't always available. This year they were so I'm very happy. The ordinary red ones are left to rampage in the less cared for parts of the garden every year much to my little granddaughter's delight.